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About Petro Ahoura

Petro Ahoura is a leading company in the field of manufacturing various types of laboratory equipment for use in the oil and gas industry and providing measurement services, rock and fluid properties of the reservoir and related data analysis. Using experienced engineers, the company is able to provide practical economical solutions for EOR / IOR recovery methods, optimize reservoir performance and improve oil and gas production from reservoirs.Petro Research Company Ahura in 2012 with the agreement of its members and the emphasis on the Supreme Leader of the Revolutionnaire on the formation of corporate knowledge companies and the creation of scientific and practical synergistic members of the group with the aim of designing and manufacturing knowledge of knowledge, especially the products that the country in buying Problems arising from the embargo have started to be activated.This company is trying to take steps towards the development of the oil and gas industry of our beloved country with the help of the young and talented force of the country. 

Petro Ahoura Latest Products

Core Flooding machine (type1)

The BIPERM device

Helium Porosimeter

The U.S.S. Permeameter

The S.S Permeameter

The filter press

The core aging machine

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