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About Petro Pazouhesh Ahoura

Petro Ahoura Company  in 2012 with the agreement of its members and the emphasis on the Supreme Leader of the Revolutionnaire on the formation of corporate knowledge companies and the creation of scientific and practical synergistic members of the group with the aim of designing and manufacturing knowledge of knowledge, especially the products that the country in buying Problems arising from the embargo have started to be activated. This company is trying to take steps towards the development of the oil and gas industry of our beloved country with the help of the young and talented force of the country.
The activities of this company are mainly divided into two categories: production of laboratory equipment and provision of services in the field of geological sciences and oil and gas engineering. The following are some of the licenses and awards that this company has succeeded in obtaining.
 Winning the title of first place and the golden statue of Sheikh Baha'i Festival in the field of start-up companies
 Elected as the best knowledge-based cooperative in August 2015 by the Ministry of Cooperatives and Appraisal in a meeting of the Cabinet and the Council of Ministers
Obtaining a certificate of basic knowledge from the scientific and technological deputy of the presidency 
 Participated in the Oedipus International Exhibition in 2016
 Participation in the exhibition of equipment and laboratory materials made in Iran in 1393, 1394, 1695 and 1396 
 Export of knowledge-based products approved by the Vice President for Science and Technology 
 Obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Cooperatives to become a provincial and change the field of activity to the whole country 
Acquisition of the third position of Javan Kharazmi in 1390