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Polarized microscope
Polarized microscope Polarized microscope

Polarized microscope

This polarized light microscope is designed for the purposes and studies of mineralogy and geology. The 360-degree rotating plate is for mineralogy and detecting the extinction angle of minerals. The polarized light system designed and adjusted by Petro Pazhouhesh Ahoura Bi-frequency determines the exact frequency of the studied minerals

Product Description

There are several lenses of objects with magnifications of 4 to 100 times that have made it possible to study at different scales. During fabricationq, the lighting system and the rotating screen are adjusted together and the microscope is always in the center axis. Compact size and light weight are the advantages of this microscope.

Features :

1- Binocular head with 360-degree rotation- WF10X / 18mm wide field of view eye
2- Rotating plate with 360-degree rotation; Smooth rotation Sample holder on request
3- Object lenses with 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x magnification; And 2.5 times if ordered
4- Coarse and fine focus system - Polarization system made by Petro Ahoura - Phase difference page
5- 12v / 20W halogen light with intensity control capability - Green, blue and yellow optical filters
6- Electricity : 220 volts - Net weight: 6.60 kg
7- Dimensions: ‌ Length 550 mm, width 250 mm, height : 345 mm